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SPA is a verb

August 30, 2017

SPA is a verbI had always thought of a spa as a place to go to be pampered and relaxed. In my mind, it was something far off in the future that I may visit one day, but never made the time for myself. The day came when I decided to focus on taking better care of myself sooner than later so I could enjoy getting older without pain or disease. I decided to make an appointment for a facial. The experience was amazing and I realized how beneficial taking moments for your own self not only feels good but carries into all parts of your life. I was not only nourishing my skin (the largest organ of the body) but also my well-being. I began to try other beneficial modalities like massage and infrared sauna. The feeling of doing good things for yourself is addictive.

Fast forward to now. I became a licensed Aesthetician and opened my own spa. Recently I met a client who changed my perspective on a spa being a place to go, and into a thing to be done. In casual conversation, it was simply said their spouse “loves to spa!” Pure delight washed over me – SPA is a verb? Yes, I’m good with that. Here are the Reasons to SPA:

Stress relief and Relaxation
Sometimes they say a healthy amount of stress isn’t so bad for you. It can be helpful for peak performance, but too much is, well, too much. It can affect your memory, mental clarity and raises your risk of chronic disease. As with most things in life, finding a balance is key. Learning “to SPA” improves stress management, gives you something to look forward to, and rejuvenates both your mind and body. It doesn’t have to be expensive or last a whole day. Try scheduling a 60-minute facial and see how much your frame of mind, not to mention your skin, improves. Don’t have an hour? Many spas offer express treatments for facials and massage, or 30-minute services like therapeutic foot soaks or LED light therapy. These 30-minute treatments are perfect for a lunch time power nap or quick pick me up. The pleasure of looking forward to your next visit, seeing progress and improvements, and taking time out for yourself will get you on the right track.

As with massage and facials, increased blood circulation and lymph drainage are a great way to aid in detoxing your body. Sauna treatments are also a great detox modality. Increasing your well-being, awareness and receiving healthy lifestyle tips can also have a cumulative effect the more often you go for a treatment. Other modalities such as halotherapy (salt therapy), therapeutic essential oil/mineral salt foot soaks, and body mud wraps are also extremely beneficial for detoxification.

Anti-Aging and Skin benefits
Professional skin treatments use high grade ingredients and delivery systems that are more concentrated than home treatments. Problem areas such as clogged pores, dark spots or loss of elasticity and skin integrity can also be addressed with the latest technologies and equipment. Trained professionals can safely use electricity and chemistry to temporarily change the PH of your skin to aid in extractions, followed by currents that push healthy ingredients deep into the dermis for better skin remodeling and hydration. Great results are achieved with regular visits and a healthy home care regimen. Using overly harsh products can hinder progress and many products have harmful ingredients. A good spa will offer free product consultations and make recommendations for home care that suits you.

Improved Immunity, Sleep and Breathing
Along with good nutrition and exercise, spa treatments complement the fundamentals and aid in improved sleep, natural immunity and in some cases even better breathing. Massage, facials, saunas, and especially halotherapy all benefit you at the end of the day when deep rest is important.

Targeted treatments
Spas have great services to offer for more specific needs as well. Whether you’re in need of hair removal, eye brow shaping, lash and brow tinting, clearing clogged pores, blemishes, extractions, make up application, an instant healthy airbrush spray tan for a wedding, or even a back facial it’s best to trust the pros. DIY is great if you want to re-paint the porch or trim your pet, but when it comes to you, be kind to yourself and make an appointment so you can relax and let someone else do the work.

Not all spas are the same so do your research on what type suits you best. Be sure your treatment providers are trained and licensed. Nail techs are not licensed for hair removal yet many nail salons offer waxing – be very selective in your choices. It goes without saying, the establishment should be clean and sanitary, uncluttered and professional. Staff should look, dress and act like licensed professionals too. No one wants to pay to listen to their provider gossip or complain about their own personal life. You should feel a sense the person you’re talking to has a professional level of knowledge in their field. Above all you should get a sense the person actually enjoys their job and cares about people.

You probably already think about financial health and physical fitness, and from there it just makes sense to incorporate skin/ mind /body fitness into your wellness routine.

Not sure what’s right for you? Visit a local spa to look around, ask questions about their offerings and training. Find a space that makes you look forward to going, love being there, and can’t wait to come back again and again. People will start to wonder what you’re doing to look and feel so great – tell them you love “to SPA!”

Kat Shaw is a licensed Esthetician and owner of Craft Estética located at 17 Ash Street in Westbrook. Craft Estética offers a Himalayan Salt Room, which may be used in single or multiple sessions or booked privately for groups of up to 6 people. Offering a modern fusion of science, artistry and the highest grade medical and organic products available allows the staff at Craft Estética to focus on health-centered beauty and well- being for every client at every visit. For more information, visit: or call (207) 854-0602.

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