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Let Your True Voice Be Heard

May 4, 2017

Let Your True Voice Be HeardThere are seven chakras in our bodies and they are the centers in which energy flows through. Blocked energy in our chakras can often lead to illness, so it’s important to understand what each chakra represents and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely.

The fifth chakra is the throat chakra and develops between 7-12 years old. A healthy throat chakra sings the truth; whether with silence or with words, it is clear. Here lies the power of communication and truth. The color associated is blue, and it lies on the front of the neck between the clavicle bones (which is a great place to rest small stones). The fifth chakra is connected to the throat, ears, neck, jaw and voice box.

The chakras communicate with each other and the health of the throat chakra can affect the other chakras. The root chakra is our anchor; the sacral chakra is the water that brings change and movement; the solar plexus chakra radiates our life force and individuality; the heart chakra reaches for relationships, connection, and love; and the throat chakra helps us to understand and communicate both our purpose and the human experience. The throat chakra is where imbalance may manifest, through that which we choose to say or to hear. Unlike body language, communication can be deceiving; what we choose to say or hear is not always the truth.

A person with a healthy 5th chakra can either be assertive or soft spoken. They maintain their belief and have no attachment to being heard. They stand true to walking their own path, true to their creativity, and true to others; saying what needs to be said and moving on.

Signs you may have an overactive fifth chakra:

  • Quickened speech, poor listening skills, lack of awareness of words or actions
  • High anxiety
  • Short attention span, interrupted or incomplete thought process
  • Sloppiness and disorganization
  • Appeasing speech and decisions and over articulation
  • Stubbornness

Stones for an overactive Throat Chakra:

  • Cavansite – Brings awareness to words. Helps the chakras connect and communicate with each other
  • Blue Calcite – Calms the mind, removes anxiety, allows one to settle in their truth
  • Sodalite – Helps one express and understand their emotions, aids in the ability to communicate emotions rationally
  • Blue Aragonite – Removes shame, brings awareness, helps one release their overactive energy with laughter

Signs you may have an underactive fifth chakra:

  • Fear of using your voice, inexpressiveness, unresponsiveness and quiet
  • Absorbs too much information without release
  • May clear the throat or cough a lot
  • Trouble making eye contact
  • Feels misunderstood
  • Fear of confrontation or conflict
  • Intelligence while struggling with understanding their own emotional nature

Stones for an underactive fifth chakra:

  • Lapis Lazuli – Helps bring confidence in communication and perspective to thought patterns
  • Blue Lace Agate – Brings comfort to one’s complex emotional nature. Brings a soft confidence for those who are extremely introverted and helps them feel safe and free to talk in social situations
  • Chrysocolla – Activates the throat, removes blockages, helps one use their voice without question or fear
  • Azurite – Helps one be aware of denial, assists in preparation for mental change, brings courage to speak truth, assertiveness

Using stones to help bring a chakra back into balance is as easy as putting stones in a pocket that is close to it or by placing it directly on the chakra while lying down. There are many stones you can use to help restore balance and health to your chakras. First, you have to be open to the concept of using stones and then learn how to properly use them. I encourage you to make this a part of your journey for whole health.

This is the 4th article is a series of 7 to introduce you to all the chakras

Heather Nichols is the owner and trusted tarot reader, astrology reader and soul retriever of Stones & Stuff, a rock shop, in Portland. Whether it’s a stone, a service or a sense of community gained through our workshops, you will find your authentic self there. Ready to commit to your s#%t? Our team can help! You can reach us at 207-874-0789 or visit our website at: for a list of our services and events. Stones & Stuff is located at 556 Congress Street, Portland, ME.

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