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Healthy Sexuality and Emotions

March 7, 2017

Healthy Sexuality and Emotions(This is the 3rd article is a series of 7 to introduce you to all the chakras)

There are seven chakras in our bodies and they are the centers in which energy flows through. Blocked energy in our chakras can often lead to illness, so it’s important to understand what each chakra represents and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely.

The second chakra is the Sacral Chakra which spins just below your naval. The color is orange and it reminds us we can create, express and desire. This chakra helps us define our individuality based on our wants and needs. It begins to develop between 6 months and 2 years of age. Think of when a baby begins to observe things beyond just their mother’s breast to other parts of their environment. Its’ cries and smiles are expressions of their wants and needs.

If you have a healthy second chakra you will feel comfortable with your emotions, initiate
change and easily accept when change is necessary. You will feel confident in your ability to
make boundaries, have a sense of accountability, self-worth and a healthy sense of pleasure.
In a healthy environment with lots of TLC the second chakra is like water running over a rock; the water is constantly flowing, anchored by a rock which is representative of our root chakra being anchored strong and smooth.

The second chakra is where we hold trauma, though we may not always be aware of the exact event that caused the trauma. Since this chakra also holds the ability to change we can heal by identifying the exact cause.

Signs you may have an overactive second chakra:

  • Aggressive sexual behavior that may bring lots of attention to the self
  • Looking for love through sex
  • Over indulgence and addiction
  • Reacting emotionally to self impulsions
  • Masking insecurity and low self-esteem with the appearance of being open and care-free
  • Imbalanced physical energy ranging from low to excessive throughout the day

Crystals to cool down and moderate the second chakra:

  • Moonstone – brings awareness and sensitivity to personal needs
  • Sunstone – self worth and vitality
  • Amber – soothes nerves, creates and sustains joy
  • Chrysanthemum stone – balances masculine/feminine energy and helps connect to the inner child, allowing us to feel comfortable with fun and play
  • Mahogany Obsidian – brings awareness and solution to trauma and gives confidence in the ability to create boundaries

Signs you may have an underactive second chakra:

  • Denial, low energy and infertility
  • Feelings of guilt, shame and self loathing
  • Carries tension in the body and keeps people at a distance
  • Creates boundaries as walls to keep people away
  • Has a hard time expressing emotions or being able to understand what they feel

Crystals to release the second chakra:

  • Aventurine – brings love, light, and forgiveness
  • Orange Calcite – Softens tension, brings joy, creative expression, fun and the ability to get back to play
  • Geode pair (place over the ovaries) – Helps remove cysts, increases ovulation and brings movement to the sacral area
  • Aragonite (place over the second chakra) – this hexagonal structure brings trust, warmth and security while increasing the ability to orgasm. Helps laughter and fun to radiate in and out of our bodies.
  • Carnelian (a great mineral energizer) – releases and activates sexual energy, increases sex drive and helps to move away from fear and towards confidence

Using stones to help bring a chakra back into balance is as easy as putting stones in a pocket that is close to it or by placing it directly on the chakra while lying down. There are many stones you can use to help restore balance and health to your chakras. First, you have to be open to the concept of using stones and then learn how to properly use them. I encourage you to make this a part of your journey for whole health.

Heather Nichols is the owner and trusted tarot reader, astrology reader and soul retriever of Stones & Stuff, a rock shop, in Portland. Whether it’s a stone, a service or a sense of community gained through our workshops, you will find your authentic self there. Ready to commit to your s#%t? Our team can help! You can reach us at 207-874-0789 or visit our website at: for a list of our services and events. Stones & Stuff is located at 556 Congress Street, Portland, ME.

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